Getting older doesn’t have to mean the end of great sex. The O-Shot® is an injectable treatment that Dr. Tharian can administer to improve the health of the tissue around the vulva, G-spot, and clitoris. This non-surgical approach allows patients to have orgasms more easily and more frequently.

The O-Shot is based on advanced platelet rich plasma (PRP) techniques. The treatment increases sexual sensation by concentrating and injecting a woman’s own growth and healing factors. This form of vaginal rejuvenation is natural, non-invasive, and a good option for women who feel that their sex drive has diminished and are ready to make a change.

How it works?

The O-Shot relies in part on advanced treatment with platelet rich plasma (PRP), a technique that is currently being used to address concerns ranging from knee injuries to hair loss. Doctors introduce PRP into the body to promote new cell formation and to rejuvenate skin and tissue.