A vasectomy is a procedure to block the passage of sperm into your ejaculate. The vas deferens is cut during the procedure. It is also called male sterilization.

How Effective Is It?

It is very effective. In very rare cases the vas deferens can rejoin. In those cases, a pregnancy could happen.

How Is a Vasectomy Done?

We perform a "no-scalpel" vasectomy. It is performed in our office under local anethesia. The vas deferens is cut and clipped during your procedure.

What Happens Afterward?

Most men are sore for a few days. We recommend rest for at least 1 day. But you can expect to recover completely in less than a week. Many men have the procedure on a Thursday or Friday and return to work on Monday.


We recommend abstaining from intercourse for one week.

When Can a Man Have Sex Again After a Vasectomy?

An alternative form of birth control should be used until post-vasectomy semen analysis confirms sterilization. This is usually performed two to three months after the vasectomy.

Can I Get It Reversed if I Change My Mind?

In some cases, it is possible. Reversing a vasectomy is not easy and does not always work. You should not get the procedure unless you are sure you do not want to have children.