Vaginal rejuvenation is a collection of surgical and non-surgical procedures that can help women be happier with the way that they look, feel, and experience sex. Treatments range in their purpose, from firming up lax skin around the vaginal opening to improving sexual sensation by tightening the vagina to helping women orgasm more easily and more often.

Tharian Urology uses well-established vaginal rejuvenation techniques to restore patients’ bodies following changes related to childbirth, aging, and genetics.

Dr. Tharian brings years of experience to the care of our patients. She and our staff recognize that many women are new to treatment for these concerns. For this reason, we have designed each patient visit to be supportive, open, and informative.


Our highest priorities are our patients’ comfort, confidence, safety, and satisfaction.

Dr. Tharian has extensive experience with many different vaginal rejuvenation surgeries and treatments. Find out more about some of the options available to our patients.